About me

Hi, I am Pham Van Lam (LP Devs). I come from Viet Nam. I am a developer and a blogger. I create this website to share all my projects to you all.

When I was learning at Ha Noi University of Science and Technology, my field is Electronic and Telecomunication. But I am passionate about programming. So now, I am working as a software programmer. I am advanced at C/C++, Java/Android and intermediate at Javascript, Nodejs, ExpressJs. This website is created while I was learning about Nodejs, Expressjs and MongoDB.

Here are some of all my projects about:

Android applications

1. Smart Calculator Free
2. Uninstall Root Apps
3. Cam nang so cuu
4. Doc bao nhanh cho nguoi Viet

Web applications

1. Vietnamese Dictionary
2. Select to translate English to Vietnamese (Chrome Extension)
3. Calendar
4. Pick color (from image)

I am going to update this website more and more. So if you have some questions to ask me, or some ideas to share, feel free to email me.

Thank you
LP Devs